1. Felted Hanger
  2. Felted hanger
  3. Catnip Mouse Sachets (Cat toy)
  4. Bird Lavender Sachets
  5. Owl Lavender Sachets
  6. Decorative Lavender Sachets
  7. Fish Lavender Sachet
  8. Textile Print Aprons
  9. 100% Wool Appliqué Small and Large Mats
  10. 100% Wool Appliqué Cell-Phone Wallets
  11. 100% Wool Appliqué Needle Cases
  12. 100% Wool Appliqué Purses
  13. 100% Wool Appliqué Christmas Tree Decorations
  14. 100% Wool Appliqué Felted Brooches
  15. The Corner
  16. Springtime In The Grasslands
  17. Placemats and Coasters
  18. Handbag
  19. Table Runners
  20. Aprons
  21. Clare Johnson

    Clare is a hair and nail stylist working in Ingonish, Cape Breton. In her spare time, she is a self taught trial and error artist working with many mediums including sea-glass, metal, papier-mâché and acrylic painting.

  22. Diane Dunphy

    Dianne is a self-taught artist specializing
    in sea glass art and jewellery.

  23. Apron
  24. Felted Table Runner
  25. Felted Bird Cushion
  26. Felted Birch Wall Hanging
  27. Handbag
  28. Framed Textile Folk-Art
  29. Framed Textile Folk-Art
  30. Table Runner
  31. Apron
  32. Barbara Landry

    Louisbourg-based Barbara Landry has been knitting for over 20 years. It is a skill taught by her mother.

  33. Maggie Miller

    Although retired from her career as a rug hooking teacher Maggie continues creating traditional Nova Scotia style rug hooking.

  34. Hélène Blanchet

     Hélène Blanchet is a self-taught folk artist who specializes in colourful art quilts made by hand.

  35. Lynn Gorey

    Lynn Gorey started handcrafting when she was 14 years old. Over the years she has honed her skills as a sewer, knitter and textile creator.

  36. Lorna MacLean

    Lorna started quilting as a creative outlet. “Fabrics inspire me… the colours, the prints, the textures. They’re just begging to be cut up and put back together in new and innovative designs.”