Lorna MacLean

Lorna started quilting as a creative outlet. “Fabrics inspire me... the colours, the prints, the textures. They're just begging to be cut up and put back together in new and innovative designs."

Through books, magazines and workshops, Lorna has learned new techniques to simplify even the most complicated of patterns. This goes very well with her addiction to gadgets; every new development in the quilting world seems to demand a new piece of special equipment, which Lorna feels she must try. Lorna has now retired from teaching quilting but still belongs to a social group of loyal quilting friends who meet each week to sew, inspire and of course, end with a tea lunch. This season, she has challenged herself to work with the fabric that is in her sewing room and feels it is improving on her designs. Turns out, never leaving a shop empty-handed in decades provided enough fabric to last a two year lockdown…and beyond. She hopes to continue producing colourful products for many years to come.