1. Silver and Gold Feather Rings
  2. Silver and Gold Mermaid Tail Rings
  3. Resin Pendants
  4. Sea Glass Pendants
  5. Sea Glass Earrings
  6. Sea Glass Pendants
  7. Sea Marble Necklace
  8. Sea Glass Rings
  9. Sea Marble Earrings
  10. Beach Glass Pendants
  11. Beach Glass Jewelry
  12. Beach Glass Pendant
  13. Pam Doherty

    Pam’s love for the sea side inspires her to create art and jewelry with ink, coloured sand, shells and resin.

  14. Clare Johnson

    Clare is a hair and nail stylist working in Ingonish, Cape Breton. In her spare time, she is a self taught trial and error artist working with many mediums including sea-glass, metal, papier-mâché and acrylic painting.

  15. Diane Dunphy

    Dianne is a self-taught artist specializing
    in sea glass art and jewellery.

  16. Joe Lusk

    Since 2005 Joe has been creating unique works of art and jewelry using the natural media of beach glass and driftwood.

  17. Rings
  18. Cape Breton Rings
  19. Earrings
  20. Darryl MacLeod

    Darryl has been producing his unique creations since the early 1970’s, working primarily in sterling silver and gold, which are often enhanced by beautiful, natural gemstones.