"Feeding Minke"Driftwood/Shell woven basket in white stonewareSundyed scarvesHammered silver necklacesDianeGayle


"Excellent selection and ideas. We were impressed!"
"Lovely work. Really nice pieces!"
"I love the local pottery and jewelry"
"Wonderful selection of artwork!"
M & W Johnson, Nova Scotia
"Absolutely beautiful work."
"Absolutely wonderful!"
"Elegant Absolute Beauti!! Just as Cape Breton!"
"Beautiful, wonderful art work"
"Beautiful work by very gifted artisans!"
"Great Store! Nice to see real crafts and not just another cheesy souvenier shop!"
"Very nicely displayed. Great work, and all local handiwork!"
"Wonderful pottery"
"This is a wonderful shop - good, solid artistry!"
Roz Phillips, California
"How refreshing to find a quality artisan store in Cape Breton"
"Fantastic collection. The whole spectrum! Congratulations!"
"Very beautiful pottery. We are here for the 4th time and we will come back!"
"Wonderful place and items."
L Green
"Amazing pottery"
"Very impressed with your stars!"
"Super layout; superb variety and quality of items; staff helpful but not intrusive or overbearing. We will return!"
"Beautiful store! Beautiful arts and crafts. I wish I could take more home in my suitcase!"
"Exactly the sort of shop we look for- local artists with unique work."
"This is a Fine Art Treasure Chest of Golden items by Masters."
"How refreshing to find such beautiful handmade local pieces. Could have bought the whole store"
"The kind of shopping we prefer when on vacation"
"So beautiful it makes me want to weep."
"Beautiful original work - different than we've seen. Truly the work of artists."
"If I were rich!!!! So beautiful!! I just want to learn more about some of these artists!"
S Bilodeau, Montreal Quebec
"Very colorful! Our son (8 months) loved it."
"Best craft shop yet on Cape Breton"
"Extra! Decouvertes d'objets uniques!"
"Turned wood and hooked rugs are my favorites. (Oh, and I like the quilts a lot too.) Excellent showcase, excellent talent!"
"We look for stores like this. Very nice selection of locally produced crafts."
"Stunning whales...good collection."
"This store is like a museum! Everything is beautiful!"
"Wonderful place, and very interesting selection of pottery. Thanks for having us."
"Mooie amancht weinig hitchzools elders."

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